EUR 50 / pcs.

Goods available on request. The waiting time for implementation is 3-4 weeks.

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Gentle lines of this model complement each other, creating a never-ending

subtle pattern. The original structure of Sandglass can easily be brought out

by the use of side light (when arranged vertically) or upper light (when arranged horizontally).

Dimensions arrow

SURFACE – 0,36 m2

THICKNESS – 1,8 cm (max)

WEIGHT – 1,2 kg

Features arrow

  • You can buy pieces *
  • Each tile may have a different color *
  • You will compose a unique pattern of them,
  • You can mount them yourself – great fun and immediate effect,
  • You can trim them yourself using basic hand tools,
  • They are also suitable for the bathroom and kitchen. Don’t worry – they are waterproof !!!
  • You’ll match the color with existing additions
    in your interior,
  • You will use them for a niche, a wall behind the TV, and in the bedroom,
  • You will create a magical atmosphere.

How to mount? arrow


The only limit is your imagination

Thanks to durable and waterproof materials and thousands of combinations of Kalithea wall panels you can use them in any place you want.